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Tom Brown’s Banking Weekly is the go-to banking publication for industry executives, analysts, and investors who want to stay ahead of what’s happening in the banking industry, and better understand what's in store for it in the future.

Each week, top-rated bank analyst and investor Tom Brown talks about industry news and trends you'll want to know about—news and trends often overlooked by other industry watchers—that he sees influencing the banking business in important, but sometimes subtle ways.

He profiles notable banks and banking CEOs that other industry analysts might be ignoring. He provides insightful, often non-consensus viewpoints on key issues facing the banking industry. He talks about important industry developments, including lower-profile ones he thinks are significant but that are being largely overlooked by other observers.

For Tom, no banking topic is too big—or too trivial.

If you have a let’s-get-down-in-the-weeds level of interest in banking, you’ll find his weekly commentary an absolute must-read.

Straight talk from an industry observer who knows banking inside and out

Tom Brown has been one of the banking industry’s most prominent and best-regarded industry-watchers for decades.

In the 1980s and 1990s, he was Wall Street’s top-rated banking industry analyst for nine years, per Institutional Investor magazine.

After that, he ran North American banking research for Julian Robertson at Tiger Management. And since 2000, Tom has run an investment firm that focuses solely on banks and financial services companies.

In addition, Tom hosts an annual invitation-only financial services CEO retreat that attracts hundreds of top banking executives from banks of all sizes from around the country.

It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that Tom knows essentially all the key players at banks large and small, all across the country, and he communicates with them often.

Contrary-minded, succinct, and entertaining

Every Friday at noon, Tom emails subscribers with his latest thoughts and insights about what’s going on in banking.

Some of his thoughts might consist of a three-sentence observation on a seemingly minor (but still notable) topic. Others will be longer items about banking companies or executives that banking analysts haven’t been paying attention to, but perhaps should.

He’ll offer his opinion—often contrary-minded—about various banking industry issues. Some of his views you’ll agree with, others you won’t—but you’ll find them all to be thought-provoking.

When you finish reading an issue of Tom Brown’s Banking Weekly, you’ll feel like you’ve just had an entertaining and in-depth conversation with someone who knows a lot about what’s going on in banking.

No financial models—just original and informed commentary and insights

Tom Brown’s Banking Weekly talks about banking issues other banking publications often don’t—and in a way that draws you in and makes you understand why those issues are important.

We don’t do VAR models or make net interest margin predictions. Other publications do that (and those predictions are usually wrong). Rather, we focus on the key issues that make the banking industry tick.

We provide a perspective on banking that most other industry commentators totally miss. We can provide the insights that will make you a better banking manager, investor, or analyst.

How do I find out more about Tom Brown’s Banking Weekly?

The best way is to download a free sample issue so you can see what we’re talking about first-hand. You won’t be disappointed. Tom Brown’s Banking Weekly is as insightful as it is entertaining and informative. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself.

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